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QuanZhou Exhibition of Decorative Lantern
Date:2010/1/20 10:30:43 Reading:3709 From:QuanZhou Exhibition of Decorative Lantern

QuanZhou decorative lantern is a traditional artistic production of China,it is also a focused item of the folk culture protection project of QuanZhou.It gathers many subject of article technology together,to be good to hear or see, to construct the atmosphere of festival by its modeling,color,and lamplight.A high grade decorative lantern usually contains value of technics、culture、science and technology,and esthetics,which makes spectators to linger on without any thought of leaving.So,do you know how to examine and appreciate the decorative lantern?There are four factors:

To begin with,the modeling,it means whether the modeling of the decorative lantern is pleasing to the eye,whether the structure is fancy,whether the scale is rational,whether it is vivid when simulating people or objects,and whether it is originality in total.Since decorative lantern is a kind of artistic production on visual,so the modeling is extremely important.

Further more,the manual work,you can comprehend it as the technics level.This is the core and the key factor when examining and appreciating the decorative lantern.It includes that whether the framework is sensible,whether all the parts of the landern are pieced together tightly and toughly,whether the knife-carving technics is exquisite,whether the pattern is smooth and graceful,whether the painting of illustration are skillful,and whether the body of the lantern is glittering and translucent. Two decorative lanterns with the same style but manufactured by different craftsman could be distinctly different in impression.So you can see the quantity of the technics value.

The next standard is the color,most of decorative lantern’s “decorate” are composed by colors.It refers to technology of coloring on fabrics、selection on varieties of coloured paper、and whether the color of the main part and the foil are in harmony.The craftsman should try his best to make sure the color to be abundant without disorder,bright but not secular,to reflect the impression of grand and graceful.

Last but not least,the lamplight,which can be also called the illuminant. Decorative lanterns in the ancient periods always use candles or oil lamps as the illuminant.In the present age,it develops to light bulbs、fluorescent lamps、laser lamps,and glistening lamps with different color. Accordingly,the light perviousing properties are thought to be seriously. Some parts should be bright, and some parts should be concealed and dim. But despite whether the material is paper、silk textiles or cardboard,molding、structures、patterns and color of the paper or cloth should be reflected clearly by the illuminant,and make the framework to be concealed and dim when necessary,to bring about a sense of beauty, which is misty.

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