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QuanZhou Decorative Lantern, a significant part of the Chinese cultural treasure-house ,is one of the first batch of the national non-object cultural heritage publicly announced by the Chinese National Cultural Department recently. QuanZhou Huaxiang Decorative Lantern Manufacture Co.Ltd is the first-grade enterprise and the only under-licence company of the Decorative Lantern industry in QuanZhou.

Our company majors in producing many varieties of red silk palace lantern、silk-material lantern、paper-carving lantern、stitch-pierced lantern、animal lantern 、figure lantern、suspension lantern、table lantern、electronic rolling decorative lantern、large-scale combined colored lantern、colored chariot.etc. Under the elaborately design and guidance by the famous Chinse artist、technics art master、Chinese Paper-carving decorative lantern expert Mr Wu Zuzan,our products have a ready market all over the world,and usually be invited to nations and regions such as Indonesia、Singapore、Philippines、Canada、Taiwan、Hongkong.etc for exhibition. Our products are complete with nothing missing in species, and constitute the distinguishing characteristic by their spectacular sculpt、colourful tints、blurred light and humorous stories.

Our company is to be geared to the needs of national and international markets,to recruit elites in this area of business,to set up the Chinese decorative lantern brand together. Under the background of Chinese traditional folk custom culture, we’d like to cooperate with friends in every fields, make benefits mutually, and take our efforts for the glorious future of the Chinese colored lantern industry.

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